Chapter One

So, let me introduce you to BarCat.


I am BarCat, a cat who lives in a bar. I have a habit of stealing drinks from humans. I also scrounge for leftover food and drinks as well. As you can guess, I have nothing to do with mice, but everything to do with being drunk most of the time. And eating really well.


One evening, Bastet came into the bar. No one recognizes her but me. I gave her a bow, out of respect due to my goddess. She smiled. I swiped the drink the bartender had just placed on the bar for the waitress to pick up, and pushed it over to her. She smiled again, and sat on the barstool, scratching my chin, and drinking her drink.


She only stayed for the one drink. Before she left, she looked me straight in the eyes, then whispered in my ear. I was a little stunned. Bastet then gave me a good scratch under the chin, and left.


I got two gifts that night. One was to be able to understand humans. The second gift is to grant wishes. No limits, no directions, just this ability to say yes or no to human wishes.


I did not understand at the time what that meant, but after two weeks of sitting at the bar and listening, watching TV and paying attention, I understand what Bastet gave me. Not sure if this is good, or bad. But I got ideas.


I cannot speak, but now I can listen and understand. This is a bar, and people bring all sorts of baggage along with them. This can get pretty interesting.


Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. After all, I am a cat, and most times I am drunk.


So the fun begins.

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