Chapter Seventeen

Another night at the bar. The traffic had been slow. Barcat sat in his usual spot, nursing a shot glass of good whiskey.

The local pussy chaser, Jerry, had been annoying every woman in the bar that evening. He had been hanging around the Zodiac Bistro for a few weeks and had made himself the most annoying patron of the bar in a long time. His only redeeming factor was that he did pay for drinks.  He would buy the woman a drink and pay for it. Only to have most of them walk away shortly thereafter, leaving him to nurse his drink till another potential score would sit down. Most considered him an idiot. And most would love it if he never came back.

This was Jerry's usual evening in any bar in the world. He was always drunk. Rather dank looking. He would follow anything he thought was free for him to annoy. And yes, he did annoy.

"It's a good thing I have my library card because I'm totally checking you out."

Worse damn pickup lines, ever. BarCat had never seen such a loser in all the years he had been at the bar.

The late night news had come and gone and BarCat's favorite show "Hidden in the Dark" was almost over when he smelled her.

He could make a cat in heat anywhere. There is this perfume. Irresistible. It took over the bar as soon as she walked in the door. He lifted his head slowly, so as not to let on he was interested. It did not smell like the cat up the street. No, this one was different. It had a funny undertone to it.

Magic! That was the smell. Cat in heat and magic. Deadly combination. If he worked it out just right, maybe he would get some fun out of this.

She walked slowly, keeping to the walls. She was dark in color, possibly all black. The green eyes gave her away when she stopped across from the bar and looked at BarCat.

BarCat licked his paw, then his drink. He pretended he wasn't interested. She was not having any of it. She made a soft purring noise that only BarCat could hear. Her pheromones kicked in even stronger. She wandered to the back of the bar. He kept an eye on her. She wiggled her butt just so. She made sure he couldn't miss her scent. She disappeared through the slightly open restroom door.

BarCat was now curious. What was she, and what did she want? He stretched leisurely, rolled a little on the bar, taking in the scent till he figured he had teased her enough. Yes, she was peeking around the door to see if he was coming.

He jumped down off the bar and walked boldly into the table section of the bar. As he walked by one of the tables, someone offered him a piece of burger. Still playing cat, he took the offering and rubbed the hand of the gent. He would get lucky tonight with that woman sitting with him. And from her smell, she was ready for him.

He continued on his way towards the restroom. He looked left and right, took his time as he zig-zagged in and out of the table legs, till he made it to the restroom.

Inside, there were no humans. Just the shecat, laid out on the floor looking as enticing as a shecat can look. She blinked at him, rose, turned her best part towards him and offered herself, butt up and tail in the air.

He knew something was going on. But the offer of a satisfying ride was just too good to turn down. Whatever she wanted, he was sure he could give her exactly what she deserves.

Cat sex can go on for a while. But this is a bar. This is a human bathroom.  There will be humans coming in at any time. He got himself in place, and it didn’t take long. As he pulled out, he waited for the scream and the arrival of someone from the bar.

But that didn't happen. He was at his point of ecstasy when he was thrown off the shecat, and then picked up by the scruff of his neck by a woman.

Shit, a fae.

More specifically, a Leanan Sidhe. He was puzzled. He thought they only went for humans.

She started laughing. "I know what you are, cat. You have all sorts of hidden powers. And I am here for my wish."

Well, there is it, thought BarCat. A fae who wanted something. No surprise there. That magic smell was a warning and he had heeded it well. Oh, well. Let's see what she wants.

"I can read your mind, cat," she said to him. "I know you can understand me." She closed the door and waved her hand across it. No one was going to disturb her.

She put him down on the floor. She crouched down in front of him. He sized her up.

Dark hair. Yellow eyes. Pointed fae ears. Thin as a rail. Damn, she looked better when she was a cat.

"Don't you get nasty with me, cat. You had your fun for the evening. I want a wish."

OK, so she could read my mind, he thought. Well, then, what do you want. Get on with it so I can get back to my drink. Geezzz, these magical beings drag everything out. Such drama queens.

"Queen. Yes. I want to be Queen. I wish to be Queen!" She worded it properly so it would be granted.

And snap. She disappeared.

BarCat did some grooming before he left the bathroom. Someone walked in, and he walked out with all his fur in place.

As he walked back to his spot on the bar, he seemed to be smiling.


Two weeks later, BarCat was sitting in his usual spot on the bar. Jerry walked into the bar, and everyone in the place rolled their eyes. Shit, is he here again? Why can't he find another bar?

Jerry proceeded to sit down next to the first woman at the bar.

"Is your name Google? Because you have everything I've been searching for."

Her husband returned a minute later from the men's room. Jerry vacated the bar stool rather quickly. And moved to the next vacant chair next to a lovely woman seated alone.

"Have you ever been arrested?  It must be illegal to look that good."

As I said, worst damn pickup lines ever.

Her girlfriend returned ot the table. He quickly moved along.

And at that very moment a woman walked into the bar. You could tell she had a glamour on because she radiated attraction to every man in the bar. Even Pete stopped to look.

But that smell. It was back again. Damn, it took her that long to get back to the bar?

She stopped at the bar and sat down next to BarCat. Those green eyes. Everything else might be glamour but the eyes never change. He looked her over. Black dress with a red stone necklace. She ordered Redbreast. Of course she did. She placed a gold coin on the bar. Pete looked at the coin, picked it up and took it to the owner, who approved it. He poured the fae a double and left. He knew better than to stick around.

She poured a little into the shot glass in front of BarCat. He took a sample and approved.

"Well played, demon cat. Make me Queen of the Mice on a trash barge heading out of port. I wasn't specific. You play by fae rules. I see you know a trick or two. I will not be fooled again."

BarCat nodded in acceptance of the win. Yes, the game was everything with the fae. And, of course, they had their own rules. So does BarCat.

What puzzled him the most was why a Leanan Sidhe would want to play the cat? Their usual prey was humans.

"You silly cat, isn't it obvious? You have a gift. Everyone who knows about it wants what they desire from you. But how to get it. How to make you indebted to one of us, that's the game here. I got lost in the moment of the win. I made a mistake. And you bested me.

"But you still owe me for the favor."

BarCat cocked his head at her.  She spotted Pete and motioned for two more Redbreasts. She produced another gold coin. Pete poured a double for her and one for BarCat. He gave the cat a look of warning. BarCat seemed to wink at him.  Pete shrugged his shoulders and left.

BarCat took a long drink from the shot glass. He wondered what she wanted this time?

"Well, cat, I guess my usual fare would do for the evening. I require company. Do you have anything I can take with me when I leave? A human would do nicely if you have one laying around." She laughed as only one who was hungry could laugh.

Well, that was easy, BarCat thought. Yes, dear queen, I have one who will go with you willingly if you would like.

She looked at the cat. "No tricks! I want what is due me for servicing you."

BarCat closed his eyes as he relished the thought. He finished his drink. Maybe she will be especially kind to me for the tidbit I have in mind.

She sighed. She produced another gold coin. Pete filled her glass and then the cat's. He had the owner check to make sure this was not Fae gold she was passing so freely. but the real thing. The owner looked over at the bar. She noticed the fae petting the cat. She held the coin. Yes, it's all real.

At that moment Jerry was booted from yet another table. He was not scoring this evening.

Jerry stumbled towards the bar, and BarCat placed his paw on the fae's arm. He turned his head in the direction of the human walking towards them.

She looked at the guy coming at her. She looked back at the cat. BarCat was extremely amused as the human spotted the fae at the bar. She was stunning, and she was alone.

"Hey, girl. Is your name Wi-Fi? Because we have a connection."

Worst damn pickup lines ever.

He sat next to her. She produced another coin and ordered two drinks, one for her, one for the human.  Pete paused. Then he looked at BarCat, who seemed to smile at him. Then Pete knew. He smiled at the lovely fae before him. He poured her a double, and the idiot next to her got a triple. Poor guy needed it, for all he will be going thru the rest of the night.

The two sat and talked, if you could call it that. And after the drinks were done, she rose to leave. She asked him if he would escort her home. He got this shit eating grin on his face.

"I've lost my teddy bear! Can I sleep with you instead?"

She looked positively evil for a split second.

She turned to BarCat. "I am satisfied with the payment. I will bother you no further." The doofus next to her gave the cat a strange look. She proceeded to the door, with Jerry following behind like a dog in heat.

Yes, thought BarCat. A dog. A cat would never walk into that situation without a plan in place. And the guy was drooling.

Needless to say, Jerry was never seen at the bar again. Yes, he scored big that night. Poor guy.

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