Chapter Five


A young blonde woman of questionable occupation sat down at the bar next to BarCat.  She pulled out a couple of big bills, chose one, and ordered a drink from Pete the Bartender.

As she proceeded to get blotto, she started to talk to BarCat, cause Pete couldn't understand her thick accent.  That was not an issue for BarCat.

She was working the street corner a few blocks away.  She had tried for several model jobs, but most of them were for porn movies.  She complained that since she came to this country, she was unable to get a real job, mainly cause of her legal status.

She really wished she could find a man who was rich and could take her away and keep her as a queen in a tower.  Oh, the fairytale life she wove as she sat there babbling on and on about fancy clothes, fine food, parties and the power that money brings.

BarCat got bored after a bit and tried to snatch some of her drink, but she pushed him away.  She said, once again, how she wished for a rich husband who would take her away from all this.  BarCat smiled, and granted her wish.

A couple of years roll by, Pete was reading the paper to BarCat about a lady Pete swears he knows from somewhere.  Seems she was a model, who ended up marrying a well-known real estate mogul.  Pete laughed.  More like a guy who probably is laundering money for the Russian Mob.  But it seems he was running to be a candidate for president.  And it also seems he has a mistress, who was not paid enough for her confidentiality and she was talking about his lack of manhood and some pretty shady deals.

He laughed, saying someone like that will never become president.  And he poured a drink for himself.  He noticed no one was looking, and gave one to BarCat, who shook his head and indulged deep in the drink. 

Yea, she asked for a rich guy, who was powerful.  And she didn't share her drink.  She also never mentioned anything about his being smart or young or well equipped. 

A reminder to all, be sure to tip the bartender and the cat.

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